I discovered that a company by the name of OCZ Technology has a unique offering for their laptop models dubbed the DYI. The system comes with a case & 15.4″ screen, dual layer burner and it’s own video and sound built in. You the user are than required to supply the cpu, RAM, hard disk and operating system.

If you have never worked on a laptop system before, this can be a challange. Not knowing how OCZ Tech. setups up the access covers for ease of installation, I can not comment on how easy this may or may not be. I do know that one Dell model I once worked on [I don’t recall the model #] had two separate RAM slots. One was easy to get at. The second was under the keyboard, which yes, required the keyboard be removed. Thoughts were going thru my head that I’d bust the keyboard trying to get at the 2nd RAM slot.

OCZ Tech. states on their site the following:

Building your own gaming desktop can be complicated and meticulous so who would think that building your own gaming notebook would be any easier or even possible? OCZ introduces this exciting initiative to the enthusiast, gamer, and IT professional with the new Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Gaming Notebooks. Designed to make it easier than ever for consumers to take full advantage of the benefits of building their very own gaming notebook, OCZ?s DIY program is one-of-a-kind, and allows consumers to build a truly high performance notebook with their own ideal configuration in just a few easy to follow steps.

This is an interesting concept, especially if you have a legal copy of Windows XP or Windows Vista as I do. I have a brand new copy of Vista Ultimate looking for a home and buying a system without an operating system may be the way to go.

What’s your take? Good or bad idea?

Comments welcome.

PS I just noticed something. I don’t see a price for this barebones system.

OCZ web site is here.

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