Benevolent Microsoft has decided that the children in poor countries should not have to suffer using Linux. After a year of back and forth negotiations, Microsoft has struck a deal wih OLPC [One Laptop Per Child]. Microsoft is going to provide a version of Windows XP for the OLPC computer. Since announcing that the company will also support Ultra-PC’s, also using a version of Windows XP, it seems that the software giant just can’t shake XP and force Vista on the masses.

One comment I read in an article about XP being used on the OLPC computer, stated that Microsoft tried running Vista on a OLPC system, but the crank handle melted and fell off. 🙂 On a serious note this is good news for us Windows XP lovers. Since Microsoft is stuck having to keep Windows XP around for awhile longer, this should guarantee updates, fixes and patches for a long, long time.

But there is another benefit that may also come out of keeping Windows XP around. First, prices of current Vista and future Windows 7 could be lower. Since Microsoft had to modify Windows XP pricing for these mini-computers, which may effect future Vista sales, Microsoft could be forced to cut Vista pricing once again. Also this could be a lesson for Microsoft to make Windows 7 less of a resource hog and more likely to run on mini-computers of the future.

What do you think? What will be the outcome of Microsoft being forced to keep Windows XP around?

Comments welcome.

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