Well Apple must be doing something right since in the latest NPD figures for brick and motar store sales, Apple sells 66% of all computers over $1,000. Yes, I know. Most computers users only spend about $500 since for sufing the web, sending email and the like, you don’t need a monster system. But this goes back to what I have been saying. Those PC vs Apple commercials must be paying off for Apple.

According to the Apple blog:

Doing a little bit of fuzzy math, it seems that only around 12% of people even buy a computer that expensive. The price point could be Apple’s biggest competitor. When people are looking for a computer to surf the web, send email, and maybe do some word processing, spending $500 is probably a lot more enticing than double that amount. A Mac around the price of a 16GB iPhone might help Apple’s overall market share really grow.

It seems that Apple is enjoying a well earned profitable year and 2008 should be good for the company, despite recession concerns.

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