Dell has now confirmed that there is room for both the XPS line of systems and also AlienWare. On the Your Blog site written by Dell employees, the clarification means that Dell feels there is room for both brands of gaming systems. On the site it states:

On February 22nd, the Alienware Area-51 m15x began the Alien invasion of This little juggernaut was hard not to notice on our gaming laptop page, sporting the powerful GeForce 8800m GTX graphics card in a 15.4″ notebook. I was duly impressed, as this laptop was easily as powerful as a good gaming desktop. I began saving my pennies

Now, the Alien invasion has continued, with the addition of the Area-51 m9750 to the Dell gaming laptop web site lineup. This 17″ Stealth Black monster offers dual 512MB GeForce 8700m GT cards, more graphics rendering power than the system I built for myself just a few months ago. If anyone was wondering, my birthday is coming up. Please plan accordingly.

Looking at the Dell Gaming Laptop page, you can see both of these beautiful machines ride alongside of the XPS m1730 highlighting the way two great brands can team up to deliver the best gaming experience in the business. The XPS isn’t going away, though it may go in new directions as hinted by the XPS One and the slimline XPS m1330. The imminent disappearance of XPS isn’t on the itinerary, though. Things are changing for the better.

What is interesting is that it appears that the XPS line of systems will be geared for the average consumer/gamer, while the AlienWare systems will be directed at the full blown gamers.

But this brings up another issue. You may have noticed that some games are not available for the PC any longer and are now being made for the X-Box, Wii, PS3 gaming consoles. Which makes one wonder how long gaming systems will be needed?

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