I located a program called CopySpot that helps users copy files from one computer to another. I downloaded CopySpot on two systems that I have networked together, both using Windows XP. The installation was quick and easy and only required that I tell my firewall to allow the connection. Once I did that, I was copying files back and forth on the systems with ease.

So who may benefit from using CopySpot? Basically the software would be helpful for those who are relatively new to networking and may need a program that will assist them in transferring files from computer to computer. The basics of CopySpot and the same as if using Windows Explorer. You still need to have file sharing enabled on both systems and confirm that permissions are functioning properly, as you would with any network.

I am always reluctant to recommend any networking software of this type, since it usually ups end with providing support to newbies who are not networking savvy to begin with.  But with that being said, CopySpot may be a useful tool for some and a waste of time for those who have already mapped drives between systems and know how to copy files already.

So you may wish to give CopySpot a try for yourself and see if it meets your needs. You can get a copy here.

Please. No networking questions on this software. 🙂

Networking assistance may be available at the lockergnome help forum.


Comments welcome.

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