I recently rediscovered many of the NES and SNES games that I loved as a kid by using emulators on my PC. The experience brought back many memories. So when I spotted an NES at a garage sale recently, I jumped at the chance to buy it along with a few games. I hooked it up, and found myself playing Super Mario Bros. 3 for hours. It made me wish that I had all of my old games and systems back. I sold them many years ago for a fraction of what my parents paid for them all.

Sure you can play all of the games on your PC, but there is just something about hooking that system up to the television and using the original system with the original controllers that makes the experience so nostalgic. It’s just not the same on the PC. So I am rebuilding my inventory of NES games so I can enjoy the nostalgia and one day share it with my kids.

So unless you’re really strapped for cash, save your PS2 and your original XBox or any other consoles and games you might own. Sure they will take up closet space, and you probably won’t touch them for 10 years, but the day will come when you might want to play Metal Gear Solid 2 again.