If you have a blog or Web site, then you want to know who’s visiting what you’ve created. This Web 2.0 movement has made us appreciate our online communities even more, and we want to do what we can to please them. If we have no clue as to what our visitors are doing or who they are, then we’re not going to know how to best serve them. Plus, it’s just plain cool to see who’s visiting your presence on the Web. When you think of online statistics, you may think of Google Analytics, but you should also think of Clicky.

When you look at the comparison chart that shows what Clicky has to offer versus what the other solutions are doing, you begin to realize why it’s important to pay attention to Clicky. I also just like saying the name. Clicky. See, isn’t that fun? A lot of popular Web sites are using the service, and you can too by just pasting a couple lines of code on your site. A limited free version is available, but if you really want to get serious, you’ll have to subscribe to one of their premium service plans.