I recently wrote an article in which I praised using the forums to obtain help with computer problems. Some comments were less than flattering with some of the experiences they have had using the forums. But there is a problem in which the poster who asked for assistance, provides faulty information to the helpers. So was the case this morning in one of the forums that I associate myself with.

Freddy poster [not the real time] asked for help concerning a Windows error message he was receiving that he vaguely described and gave the eror message code. There was only one problem. Freddy copied the code wrong. So after a few of us attempted to isolate what the code really was, Freddy got pissed and told us to forget it. So this is for all of the Freddies out there who may experience a Windows error test message and how to copy the file to notepad.

While the error message is on the screen, press the CTRL + C keys at the same time. The text will be copied to the clipboard.

Open notepad and press CTRL + V which will copy the exact error message.

Save the message for future use. You can than copy the exact error message and post it into the forum message box when you post your problem. You will get speedier service and hopefully a proper diagnosis of your problem.

Hope this helps.

Comments welcome.

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