Back in October 2007 I posted an article referencing wireless problems on certain HP and Compaq models here.

Reader Donna  posted this comment this morning:

For everyone with a problem with HP Laptops check out this link. Have it ready if you call HP for support because they won’t tell you about it. You will have to sent them a link to it to prove you know there is an 24 month service enhancement warranty on these notebooks because of a hardware issue. They have to fix it for free but will try to charge you for the repair if you are unaware of the warranty program. How low is that?!!!

Check the list of model numbers to determine if you qualify for a free repair. You will need to locate your service tag number on the unit. On the site it also states:

Service enhancements and free shipping:

  • Free shipping

    If your notebook needs to be returned to HP for repair, the shipping costs are free. HP will immediately send you a postage paid container in which to send in your computer, and we will pay the return shipping.

  • Post-service warranty

    After HP repairs your notebook, you will continue to be covered by the HP Limited Warranty Service Enhancement program for 24 months after the start of your original standard limited warranty, or 90 days after receiving your free repair, whichever is later.

So there you have it.

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Hope this helps:

HP – Compaq Source.