You’ve seen the ads on television. This guy has his social security plastered on the side of a big truck and challenges anyone to try and steal his ID. You see this guy, CEO Todd Davis, is using LifeLock and he claims he is totally protected. What Todd doesn’t mention is that a guy in Texas cracked Todds ID and made off with $500 after using his social security number.

But now people from Maryland, New Jersy and West Virginia are claiming that LifeLock does not provide the protection claimed by the company. In a AP report it states:

Paris said the fact Davis’ records were compromised at all supports the claim that Tempe, Ariz.-based LifeLock doesn’t provide the comprehensive protection its advertisements say it does.

“It’s further evidence of the ineffectiveness of the services that LifeLock advertises,” said Paris, who is lead attorney on the three new lawsuits, the latest of which was filed this month.

Davis learned about the fraud in Texas when the payday-loan outfit called to collect on the loan, he said. He didn’t get an alert beforehand because the company didn’t go through one of the three major credit bureaus before approving the transaction.

Davis said it’s possible driver’s licenses have been issued to other people in his name because of the widespread availability of his personal information — and because of what he described as the flimsy mechanisms in place to report that kind of fraud.

Paris noted that LifeLock charges $10 a month to set fraud alerts with credit bureaus, even though consumers can do it themselves for free.

Unfortunately this appears to be another of those gimmicks that promises a lot but doesn’t deliver. Anyone used LifeLock?

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