Why does everyone talk about how one operating system is better than another. If there is a video on youtube about some new feature in vista, you can be almost certain there will be comments about how it is rubbish and other operating systems already having this.

Why does everyone try to get their point across about the operating system they use and how it beats everything else. It seems pretty pathetic.  People should relise that by arguing with other people about os’s that they are setting a bad example for the community of that os.

Each os has its own advantages and disadvantages, and people need to realise this. Im a student, i work on xp, vista and linux machines. But as much as i would love to move completely to linux, that wont happen anytime soon. There are features i need that only windows can do propperly, my printer, the driver it installs in linux, the colours are wrong, blue is a different colour etc. One of the main reasons for me is that i need to work with Microsoft Access databases, and OpenOffice.Org Base cannot open these files.

But,  linux has some great advantages, including that it is mainly opensource.  But what people need to realise is that even though it has become alot easier to use, like everything, this has a huge learning curve, and while you may try and get people to use one os other another, they need to look from a different view and see how busy their lifestyle is, and that they may not have the time or effort to put into trying this new os out. That could be windows, Mac or linux. People mainly use the os they first came into contact with, as they learnt that first.

So, why do people still try and get people to use their os other another. I know its not going to stop anytime soon, but if even one person stops doing this, then that is a step forward.

Instead of battling against each other, why not work together, share the specific features that each os has that makes them great, to make the overall user experinece for each os better for the average user.

I hope i get some feedback from this post, i would like to know what other peoples views to this are.