So yesterday [Wednesday] May 21, 2008 I cranked up my Vista test machine to try and correct another problem I was having with a piece of Microsoft software. I had just received instructions from a beta tech., on how to try and correct the situation. All of a sudden my Vista box was caught in a endless reboot.

At each reboot I was presented with a screen with a multitude of options, even one that recommended putting in the Vista DVD and doing a repair. I kept selecting boot normally and after 4 reboots, bang, the system started. I then noticed that Windows was now updating 3 fixes. Interesting.

Interesting because I have my system set NOT to install updates automatically. Interesting because I had not chosen to install ANY updates. Interesting because I saw nothing to indicate that updates were even available. You know the indicator, that yellow shield looking thingy that pops up on occasion. Nada, nothing.

I’m just passing this on in case anyone else experiences a similar problem. FWIW the systems has SP1 installed.

Oh yeah, the beta problem is still there as well. 🙁

The fix to fix the fix didn’t fix it.

Comments welcome.