Well, Google Docs has finally added the one feature that, IMNSHO, was the deal-breaker as far as using it for everyday word-processing: a page view, as opposed to the “normal” (Web) view that was the only way you could work before.

While Docs has been quite admirable for general use since the Writely days, those of us who are accustomed to working in a narrower format had to turn to Zoho Writer if we wanted a view similar to Brand X or the other “real” word processors. Zoho and a couple of others still have the edge, with margin controls and the other things you need to turn out a good business document with ease, but Google’s addition of the page view makes GDocs viable for all but hardcore business use.

Given the obvious direction and scope of Big G’s ambitions, one wonders what took it so long — and when it’ll finish the job.