It seems that the Nintendo Wii is still in short supply, which is causing some to say that the Nintendo is holding back supply to keep demand and hype up. Interesting. Not being a Nintendo insider, and not knowing anyone who is, there may be other reasons that Wii’s are so hard to find.

Let’s take Microsoft and their X-Box 360 that were failing at an alarming rate. Microsoft had to replace hundred of thousands of units and eventually was forced to provided additional warranties which cost the company a cool Billion bucks. Do you think that Microsoft wished they had spent just a little longer on testing and quality control, before unleashing the units? Do you think that people were happy when their brand new systems started to fry themselves to death? Do you think any parent was thrilled explaining to Johnny and Sally why their new toy was broke?

Nintendo has a reputation as a quality hardware maker. Could it be that they found some units that were not up to standards leaving the assembly line and decided to slow things down a bit? Again, I don’t have a clue why the Wii is still in short supply. But if it’s because of quality concerns, than Nintendo should be commended for their efforts.

What do you think?

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