I think you better sit down before I tell you that Symantec has finally realized that its software slows down a PC. No duh! For any of us in the computer field, we know that taking Symantec software product off of a PC breathes new life into the machine. The system jumps back to life and is actually speedy once again. Yet over the years, Symantec has made lame excuses, promised better software, less resource hungry, but yet has not delivered on its promises.

But are things about to change? Well, over at the Wall Street Journal is a piece in which Rowan Trollope, head of Symantec’s consumer business, says Symantec is about to do just that. He states:

Mr. Trollope has an ambitious goal: to build “zero-impact” security software that doesn’t slow PCs down at all. “I’ve staked my career and reputation on this,” he says.

Similar promises — if not as extreme — have been made before, yet security software remains annoying. And Mr. Trollope admits progress toward his goal is “not as far along as I’d like.” Still, it’s a step. On average, it takes more than five minutes just to install security software on a PC. Symantec’s goal is to shrink that to under one minute. At the moment, it’s hovering around two minutes.

The new version of Norton 360 will be available to testers this summer and to the general public in the fall.

The one statement that sticks out is this one:

“I’ve staked my career and reputation on this”

I bet he has since the Internet is full of horror stories concerning Symantec products. Trim the fat and they will come. Maybe. 🙂

If Symantec makes a lean, mean fighting software product, would you use it?

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