I recently  wrote about LifeLock [here] a company which provides ID theft protection, and has advertised on television, using the CEO Todd Davis with his social security number posted on the side of a large truck. In the article it stated how Mr.Davis had actually been the victim of ID theft.

What was interesting was some of the reader comments I received, in particular two of which I wanted to share with you.

The first was from reader insurgent who stated the following:

Just freeze your credit with the bureau’s directly:

I checked out the above link and found the following:

Credit freezes are one of the most effective tools against economic ID theft available to consumers. They allow you to lock up your records and select a secret code that only you know and can use to temporarily “thaw” your credit. That added layer of security means that thieves can’t do anything with your information even if they are able to obtain it.

I was not aware that one could actually freeze their credit and that all three of the major credit bureaus even provided this service. Read the article carefully since there may be a fee if you live in certain states.

Next was a comment from Michael Henry who provided a link to a credit restoration service for pre-paid legal services:

Not to brag or anything but Pre Paid Legal and Kroll Background America have a product that offers true Identity restoration services. One of my clients had someone steal her identity and rack up $16,000 on a providian visa. She was notified when it occured but never checked her email (she’s kinda old) and didn’t find out until she got the collection letter in the mail. So she called Kroll and they had her sign a limited power of attorney and they restored her ID back to where it was before it was stolen. Feel free to visit the link and ask any questions you like. I haven’t found a ID theft product yet that covers all five areas of ID Theft and gives restoration services for pennies a day. www.prepaidlegal.com/idtheft/michaelhenry70

I sincerely hope that this information is useful.

As always, comments are welcome.