To Refill or Not to Refill

A daily commodity in almost every modern household or workplace is printing. From my Grandfather printing off family photos and family trees, to printing off work related ventures; printing has become a fact of life in most places during this modern age. From printing documents to full-blown pictures, printers have become a necessity in our everyday computerized lives.

Lately my Grandfather has taken the leap into the magical land of digital photography, and with his ability to take more than 1000 pictures with his digital camera; he has been “well” documenting our family events in the last year. After every event we would receive a package of picture highlights of the event. Then awhile back I went to the store and picked up some store brand cartridges and realized a set of one black and one colour cartridge cost more than my printer. The next day I approached my Grandfather about his massive ink usage and he a simple reply: Refill Your own Ink. He then proceeded to open a cupboard, revealing a massive stash of ink bottles and refill kits.

I had looked into refill ink cartridges before and even bought a kit, but after some research I had done a couple years ago, I had read they actually caused long term damage to printers. While one little mistake made while refilling the ink could cause immediate revisable damage to the printer. Now with prices exceeding the cost of printers, at least in my case, maybe it would be logical to take that step and try to refill my ink cartridges. It definitely costs less to refill, and would be more environmentally friendly than buying a new printer every time I need ink. After talking to a couple buddies of the Tech community in my area, I found they had turned to similar solutions.

What are your views on refilling Ink, and its potential damage that may stem from it V.S. the cost of printers & Ink cartridges. With my latest dabble into graphic design, and a general increase in printing, I’m open to alternatives and money saving tips, and solutions. So I’m going take a few steps on the path that is refilling my ink, and see if the savings will add up in the long-run.