For the past month I have been reading the experiences of Ed Bott over at ZD-Net, who has written a series of articles about  Windows Vista. In one article Ed takes on two Sony Vaio OEM systems in which he shares his take on doing a clean install of Vista vs the factory install with all of its gunk and crapware. After taking us through the process which is in itself a journey of trial and errors, Ed concludes that a clean install improves performance over the OEM install from the factory.

This is a earth shattering revelation. OK. I m being factious. We have all been the victim of a computer driven industry that could care less about the user experience and is more in tune with profit margins. As all of the OEM’s cut costs, margins started to suffer. The OEM’s needed a way to bolster their bottom line so they all started to install crapware on our systems.

What is crapware?  Basically it is software installed at the factory in which the software company pays the OEM to install it. The unfortunate thing about crapware is that much of it could actually be called spyware since some of the crapware calls home. Or the software, such as Norton, can slow down any system.

This problem goes all the way back to when Windows XP was first introduced and crapware was just becoming a standard feature on our computers. The junk the OEM’s were installing even back than crippled some systems so badly, even with XP, they barely ran. Once the crapware was removed, all was well.

Bottom line is this. Whether it’s XP or Vista, any system will perform better once the crapola is removed. 🙂

Get PC Decrapifier here to remove most crapware or you can now order a system from most major OEM’s without this junk preinstalled.

Ed’s Sony Vaio experience is here.

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