With Toshiba exiting the HD, one would of thought that Sony would march in with Blu-Ray players with a huge bang.  But it seems that the Blu-Ray rush to buy, has turned into a rush to wait. Have people given up on Blu-Ray or is it to early to tell yet?

So I went out on the Internet for a look see at several of the major retailers to find out what brands are available and at what price.

Best Buy – the cheapest are name brand unit from Samsung, Sharp and a PS3 all at $399.99

Circuit City – same as the above but with a Phillips thrown in for $369.99

I’ll stop right here. I could bore you with a bunch of links and pricing from every available retailer on the planet, but the bottom line is this. There are no $99 Blu-Ray boxes available. Why $99 as the price barrier? I believe that is when the masses will think that dumping their old DVD player will be worth it.

Not to throw a monkey wrench into the mix, but what happens if another company comes out with say, Q-Ray, that is bigger, badder, clearer, whatever better than Blu-Ray? Not going to happen? Yeah right.

What’s your take. Are you ready to make the Blu-Ray switch? Or are you like me waiting for the $99 value edition? 🙂

Comments welcome.