Why should you honor the boycott? There are several reasons. First and foremost is that Chinese, now a major world player in the production of goods, is a Communist regime who cares nothing about human rights and whose GNP goes to enlarge their gigantic war machine. This machine could and probably will at some future date be used against America. Second, China does not have the same safety controls used in other parts of the world. For example, one only has to remember the tainted dog food that was produced in China and then sold to American consumers who may not have even been aware that the product was made in China. Secondly, just this last Christmas consumers were limited on the number of toys that they could safely purchase for their children as many of the toys produced in China contained unsafe levels of lead.

Given just those two examples should give you an idea that the Chinese aren’t out to protect the consumer but just the opposite. Once you become aware of that fact why would you risk using toiletries or consume food that was produced in their factories.

As a nation, on the economic front, we already owe a huge debt to China and with the uneven trade deficit that debt just keeps increasing. Then there is the matter of oil. There is not a person in the U.S. who has not been affected by the increase in gas prices whether it is for personal transportation needs or the result of those increases on food prices. One of the reasons that oil is at such a premium these days is the competition that we have with China in the field of manufacturing. With so many of our jobs being shipped overseas not only do we suffer from the increased cost of goods but also from the loss of those jobs.

In my opinion, the best way, that we as consumers have, to fight back is to boycott all goods from China. Many years ago, such a boycott was held against beef and more recently against oil companies and both seemed to make a limited impact. To increase this impact, more people must participate and the time limit for the boycott must be honored. It is not worth the health and safety, let alone the economic impact, of Americans to allow China to continue its rule on the world market. So, join my family in saying no to Chinese-made products during June of 2008.