Since the introduction of AVG 8 Free Edition, many people have been posting the problems that they have encountered using the latest edition. I am not discounting that these problems are real, or that this new edition is not problem free, but AVG does have an extensive FAQ section that may just help in getting AVG 8 running on your system.

One comment that was posted was about slow system performance after installing AVG 8. This FAQ may help:

In case you are experiencing a major slowdown while AVG test is running, or, on the other hand, AVG is not scanning fast enough, please try to adjust the scan performance, which is displayed in the bottom part of the AVG User Interface – “Computer scanner” – currently running scan.

If you are using Windows Vista and your computer or Internet connection is working much slower than before installation of AVG, please try to install the Windows Update Windows update KB929547.

I noticed that when people are posting their problems, they are not including which version of Microsoft Windows they are using. If it is Vista the KB article above may help.

Some are having problems with the email scanner:

If you are using a POP3/SMTP based e-mail client and there is a problem with e-mail delivering, or you need to disable the Personal E-mail Scanner for any another reason, follow these steps:

  • open AVG – menu Tools – Advanced Configuration
  • navigate to E-mail Scanner – Servers
    • POP3 – AutoPOP3
      – disable the option “Activate this server and use it for receiving e-mail”
    • SMTP – AutoSMTP
      – disable the option “Activate this server and use it for sending e-mail”

The computer gods have been kind to me and I have not personally experienced any issues with AVG 8 so far. I also believe that AVG 8 offers increased protection with additional features, all still free. I hope providing this link to the FAQ section assists those who may have problems.

AVG 8 FAQ section is here.

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