I have just confirmed as of 3:00pm PST today, Comcast is not allowing enabling access to GoDaddy whatsoever. And let me clear on this, I have tried accessing GoDaddy via other ISP’s today – no issues whatsoever. I also use OpenDNS, not Comcast’s DNS servers – pinging GoDaddy’s IP from my Comcast account also brings up problems. Tested on other ISPs by myself among others, it was not DNS or GoDaddy related – it is a routing issue with Comcast apparently.

So how bad is this? Really bad. But because it is the ISP, and apparently the problem is reaching from Denver, CO to Washington State and beyond. To make matters worse, if you have a monetized site using anything with GoDaddy (such as their name servers, for example, you are going to take a real traffic hit).

Well, as I completed this article, it looks like Comcast got things sorted out (here in Washington State). And while this again, was likely a simple routing issue, remember what I said about Net Neutrality in the past, it’s a business killer if no one is willing to pay the premium to visit your site through inflated tiered ISP prices.