It looks like online Real Estate will be able to access multiple listing services which should lead to more housing for your viewing pleasure. Seems that the Justice Department and FCC has opened the way for discount brokers to be able to access and advertise homes listed on the multiple listing services, that had previously banned such listings. At a time when so many homes are available, this may helping those who wish to relocate. In the San Jose Mercury News article it stated:

In a court settlement, government attorneys said the National Association of Realtors could no longer discriminate against Internet-based agents by blocking them from the group’s multiple listing service, a database of for-sale properties.

Online agents often charge lower fees and allow consumers to review listings at their own pace.

“When there is unfettered competition from brokers with innovative and efficient approaches to the residential real estate market, consumers are likely to receive better services and pay lower commission rates,” said Deborah A. Garza, deputy assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s antitrust division.

The National Association of Realtors eased some of its policies against online brokers when the Justice Department filed suit in September 2005. The group called Tuesday’s settlement a “win-win” and noted that it will neither pay a fine nor admit any liability as part of the agreement.

 I agree with the statement that this is going to be a win-win situation not only for Real Estate agents and companies, but also for the public who will have more listing to peruse.

Anyone here looking to relocate soon?

Comments welcome.