Staycation: it’s new buzzword being pressed by the media. “We can’t afford the gas to leave home this summer, so we’re going to have a staycation right here.

The retailers are using the staycation phenom as justification to grab a chunk of our economic stimulus checks.

Staycation sales … what a concept.

I had all intents of using my check as a down payment on a backyard wind turbine, but those plans flew away when we decided to (finally) finish off the last two rooms of our long-running hardwood flooring project. Our local retailer had run out of the oak flooring we’ve been using and were reluctant to order more, so I rolled the dice and placed the order online. (I’ll let you know how that works out …)

The rest of the check was gobbled up by some new wooden deck furniture … made right here in the great state of New Jersey by Tidewater Workshop.