Thats right I am now a official Youtube Partner. I have not even been on Youtube for a year now and I am already a partner..thats sick! I really have to thank all my friends, fans, and supporters for helping me out and really supporting me on all my videos. Thanks guys so much. 

  Now if you guys want to get into this program and start making some easy money then sign up here: Now you should get a e-mail within a week. I got mine in less then 12 hours saying I was accepted. That is not the rest!

  The next thing they have you do is agree to the Terms and Conditions. Once you have done that they ask for your Google Adsense account and linkage. You can either sign up for Adsense with the link that they provide you. Once you have completted this step they send you a e-mail with the linkage. Once you have completted that they send you the final step for the partner program!

  It is a Tutorial of the rules you should follow and the do’s and dont’s in the program. Make sure you read this carefully. 

  Once you are a partner you get all these nice features: No 10 min limit, make money, custom images on your videos, video ads, and more!

  Well guys I am out. Hope you are a Partner!