Wednesday. The villainous, Norman Batesian hump day. A perfect day to tell you about a murder mystery that’s waiting to challenge your deductive skills.

Mystery at Mansfield Manor is an interactive movie in which you’re given the role of a detective who is trying to solve a murder case. It’s like playing a part in a movie. A movie in which what you do determines the course of the film. You’re not trapped on a predetermined path; the game doesn’t drag you to the end. You guide the path of your investigation in this whodunit. The game will take a few hours to solve, but you have four days to crack the case.

This game may not appeal to a lot of gamers – it’s not an alien blasting action game, but we think crime and mystery lovers will enjoy the experience immensely. The game isn’t free, but it’s cheaper than buying an Agatha Christie paperback. We recommend that you have a broadband connection before trying to playing. This is an interactive experience that’s beyond the ken of mere dial-up.