Almost everyone wanted to be a rock star at some point. And an awful lot of us who lacked the guitar or vocal chops found ourselves playing drums. All drummer jokes aside, how would you like to jam along with a big time band?

In today’s featured game you’re playing drums in a Weezer Jam Session. In this game you’re keeping the beat for mega-band Weezer and you score points by how well you play. It should be a simple task, as you only have to play snare drum and clap your hands, but hitting the beats exactly is challenging even if you’ve got rhythm.

If you are rhythm impaired, you can always try to follow along visually. All you have to do is play the “o” and “e” keys and the spacebar on cue. You get to try your hand at two Weezer songs, which mixes things up a little. Even if you’re not playing this game for a high score, it’s fun to jam along with the tunes.

This game is a load of fun in a sort of drummer karaoke kinda way. And you can impress your friends and neighbors by saying that you played drums with Weezer.