No matter whether you have upgraded to Microsoft’s Windows Vista or have stayed with Windows XP, there is a new kid coming to the hood and it will be known as ‘7’. Microsoft is giving is a tiny peak at Windows 7 by revealing the new operating system will support touch screen. I wrote about my feelings concerning the finger print issues, which I personally dislike [here].

But after playing with Vista I know I have some personal issues I would like to see addressed in Windows 7, so here is my wish list:

Performance – How about a boot time of 15 seconds or less, same for shutdown.

Hardware – make sure it works with Vista hardware or less. People are not going to buy a dual – quad core, w/ 64G of RAM just to play with more pretty gimmicks.

Security – real security not a dumb windows screen asking me if I am sure or not.  Security should be behind the scenes and not bug the user.

Testing – test the operating system before releasing the final and make sure it works. The public should not be used as your personal guines pigs after the final release goes gold.  If a vendor doesn’t have drivers available before the final release, let us know.

Touch screen – make sure we can turn it off if we want. 🙂

But what do you think?  What do you want ‘7’ to offer you?

PS I just saw this over at the San Jose Mercury News in which Windows 7 with all the finger prints should be called Windex 7 !

Comments welcome.