The problems for those who are installing AVG 8 continue for some users, yet not for others. After checking on AVG’s Free Forum, I found some interesting facts that MAY, just MAY, help those who are having issues with the new freebie from AVG. I have also provided some additional links to other AVG resources:
First was this entry I found on the free forum concerning download sites. I noted this morning that beside the AVG site, others are also offering the download. Which made me think. How many people that are having issues are downloading a possible corrupted installation?

Download from a different location [] and try installing with that…

Other hints were to clean up the registry and defrag the system:

First let’s start by cleaning up all temporary files and check for registry issues. I prefer a util called CCleaner found at [] which does an even better job than the Windows Disk Cleanup and it also can check for registry issues. When checking for registry issues, run it about 3-4 times until it lists no other issues.

Check your hard drive for file/system errors by running chkdsk. Open My Computer and right click on Local Disk C: selecting Properties, click the Tools tab and in the Error Checking area click the “Check now” button and select both options. It will tell you that it can’t test the drive right now and it will ask if you want to schedule it for the next system startup… select Yes. Restart your computer so that it can check the drive. This test will take some time to run and at times may appear stalled but just let it run.

Follow up all of that with a full Defrag to ensure the best performance you can of the system. 

CCleaner is a freebie. Also you could use use Auslogics defragger, another freebie from here.I believe it does a better job than the built in defrag program that comes with Windows.

Oh yes, there are issues with AVG 8 and Windows 2000 SP4 that should be addressed in a follow up release.

Last but not least. Uninstall 7.5 before installing version 8. I know. Version 8 will uninstall 7.5, but some people are having issues with this.

The real last. If you have another anti-virus or spyware program on your system, remove it before installing AVG.

Free forum is here.

AVG 8 FAQ section is here.

AVG 8 user manual is here.

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