When you’re out with your friends, there’s always that one situation that can cause a massive headache – the bill. A small group is usually fine, but when you start getting into the double digits, then things get more complicated, especially if one check is delivered to the table. I experience this scenario about three times a week, and while it can be complicated to split things up at first, you begin to get into a workable routine that expedites the process. Either way, there’s always that one friend who doesn’t have any money, or split something with someone else to make matters even more complex. Keeping track of who owes what can be a nightmare, but BillMonk should help to keep you and all of your friends on the same page.

This service (which uses a mix of many different types of currency) will provide you with a detailed breakdown of where you stand with your friends financially. It keeps track of your recently reported transactions, and gives you a way to prove what you’re owed and what you owe in return. Instead of having to remember to get on the Web site every time a bill is split, you can report the transactions as they happen by sending an SMS message from your cell phone. If your social group is really particular about money, then hopefully the accurate record keeping of BillMonk will help to prevent money from becoming an issue with your buddies.