We’ll keep today’s introduction short. We know that with waiting comes unbearable suspense. A knot in the stomach feeling which quickly intensifies until you feel you’ve been slammed in the head with a locomotive pulling boxcars filled with concrete soaked cinderblocks. Well. Maybe it’s not that bad, but we know it’s something that can chew away at a person’s soul. So without further ado about nothing we present today’s featured game, Line Flyer.

In this game you pencil in paths for a gravity powered motorcycle, and then you enjoy the show. If the performance doesn’t meet your expectations for what a path-following-scooter-show should be, you can edit the path and then try again.

You draw your trail using the mouse. If you remember to start with a downward slope, gravity will propel your motorcycle on its way. The bumpier you make the path, the more stunts he’ll perform as he goes. Hopefully. Bumps and jumps can also send your guy for a tumble, or just bring him to a stop. In which case your track might require some editing. You can either undo sections piece by piece, or you can erase the entire thing. It’s all up to you.

Line Flyer isn’t an elegant game. It’s a simple physics activity with a monochromatic artistic style. It’s also fun. You’ll enjoy the free wheeling experimentation that this game offers.