I found a website that had some interesting information on it, one of the most interesting Windows tweaks was the GPedit.msc. Some of you might be familiar with it and some of you might not. Here is the link to a site with some very useful information: http://www.hwdot.com/tweak-internet-speed-by-tuning-up-default-network-bandwith-limit-windows-xp/. I used this to speed up my internet and you do see a difference. I often wonder what else Microsoft is limiting in Windows XP. I tried GPedit.msc in Windows Vista and it also works there. I did notice that Microsoft again had 20% of the bandwidth reserved so this tweak will work in Vista. There are plenty of other tweaks you can do in GP edit just be careful what you change because not all values in there are safe, do some research before turning something off.

Have fun with GPedit.msc and happy tweaking.