It is a mere oversight on my part, but disturbing none the less. It was made blatantly clear to me yesterday that, unless activated, the iPod Touch features of the iPhone are locked. What is Apple thinking? This may not appear to be an issue to most; however, it is for me. Seeing as my six month co-op in Japan begins three months before my contract with AT&T would expire, I was planning on paying the termination fee (about $70 at this point) and using my iPhone as an iPod Touch. Apparently this is not a viable option. I’d figured my total monthly bill at somewhere around $85, including taxes, fees, and a better text plan (200 isn’t enough). At this point in time, it appears that a Touch is a much more appropriate option for me. I’m disappointed that I would actually have to break the law to activated the iPod Touch features without a plan. Perhaps Apple didn’t foresee these circumstances (doubt it), but I’m finding this situation more and more ridiculous. Maybe there is a logical reason for this decision, but I’m not seeing it. So, for now, the wait begins for the new iPod Touch.