Fuel alternatives are available if only our government would stop standing in their way. Unfortunately, between the U.S. governments involvement with Big Business and the control of lobbyists representing environmentalists none of them are made accessible to the common consumer. 

Due to that I agree with Thomas E. Stuart, a Public School Teacher at Kohala Middle School of Kapa’au HI who blames the current fuel crisis on we the people of the United States who insist on buying the huge SUVs and other gas guzzling vehicles, as well as, for electing and re-electing the same representatives to Congress who play dead every time some enviro-freak throws another tantrum before some judge.  

It is not that I do not care about our environment. I do. I wash in cold water, avoid excessive driving, and clean with bio-degradable products but when our country discovers enough petroleum deposits under North Dakota to put an end to foreign crude imports altogether and refuses to recover it I see red.   

At least in Missouri one of the state representatives actually is seeking a federal grant to find a solution to the fuel shortage and please the environmentalist by finding a way to store coal emissions under ground. The unfortunate side of it is that the test will take three years and there is no known time in which it is scheduled to begin or if the federal government will honor the results. 

Then, too, despite the fact that coal may be an answer environmentalists may well stand in the way of our taking advantage this great natural resource. How coal would work I am not sure but I do know that way back in WWII Albert Speer succeeded in fueling the Nazi’s war machine with coal based derivatives after the Allies successfully ended their petroleum imports. That means that we can employ and improve on the Nazi coal-based fuel-lubricant production technology and thus free ourselves from the monster hold of the Middle East oil cartel. 

Coal is found in abundance in America and even if you were not supportive of its use we could always build additional nuclear power plants. However, despite the fact that America is the world pioneer of this technology and have managed to make it work, with a nearly accident free operating record in power reactors that are stored underwater on cold war combat patrols for more than  50 years environmentalists insist that no more plants be built. 

So what is it going to take for Americans to wake up and demand that their elected officials take charge of this situation? Maybe it will take gasoline rising to twenty dollars a gallon with the resulting increase in food, home heating costs, electricity, and all other consumer based costs. It is up to you to take a stand for a renewable energy source that will free us from the grips of greedy foreign oil magnates and our own spineless government. Make your voices heard by calling for support for coal energy alternatives.