Did you know that by reading the instructions on the Reynolds aluminum box you can avoid the roll having to be removed from its box each time you need a piece of foil. I didn’t. I just always figured that was the way it was. Then lo and behold my husband discovered that there are push in tabs at both ends of the box that when depressed hold the roll in the box as you pull on the roll. This is something that you may have known for years but it is something I didn’t know because I didn’t read the box instructions and I am betting that If I didn’t bother to read them there are others out there who also haven’t read them.

I found it amazing that something so simple could have been a struggle for so long and so it got me to thinking about what else I might be missing.

This in turn led me to think about all the prescriptions my doctors had prescribed for me over the years and what I might have missed by not reading the enclosed warning notices. Once again I was amazed to learn how many of the prescriptions included warning as severe as possible death by taking them. Thankfully only a few of the warnings really alerted me to side effects that I had experienced as a result of taking the medication.

So I guess my point is that whenever you buy a new product, even one that seems self explanatory, or are prescribed a new medication it is important to take the time to read the instructions and learn how to use it effectively and safely. I hope that this helps any of you who might not previously have taken the time to read the enclosed use information on any new product.