A reader responded to an article from back in March 24, 2007 [here], and stated they were having issues with their HP system using Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate edition. This jogged my memory and made me wonder how many others are suffering slow performance because of what we call ‘crapware’. Most notable of the freebie programs that come preinstalled on some systems are security suites that will slow down your system to a crawl.

Reader Desalegn statement indicated slow performance and freezing of their system and that all drivers & BIOS had been updated. My last reply was this:

Hello Desalegn,
I would take a look than at your anti-virus protection or any additional software that either came preinstalled, you installed later, such as security suites.

In particular Norton, McAfee and so forth. Let me know if you have any of these programs. Even 3rd party firewalls can slow or freeze a system. We usually refer to some preinstalled stuff as ‘crapware’ aka ‘crap’

Read this about crap remover:


This Dell user with a slow system until the crap was removed.


These issues are not confined to Windows Vista. Windows XP users also suffered from ‘crapware’ as well. The bloatware installed on most systems was crippling. 🙁

I hope that this may help others who are having issuess with their system as well.

Comments welcome.