This seems a bit over the top to me, shooting your computer because it is having issues. Yet according to this blog post, such an event allegedly happened in South Carolina as one ex-law enforcement office apparently opted to use deadly force with his girlfriend’s computer.

What is comical is that this incident, is it had less to do with the OS creating the frustration and more to do with technology’s challenges as it becomes more powerful. The more powerful it gets, the more skilled effort that is required to get things working properly.

Give me ANY OS and I can stump most people off the street by having them try to install something via a driver CD. Even OS X has stumped people in my past work because it requires some level of user interaction in many cases. That and if something else goes wrong, good luck getting Joe Average to fix it with anything other than a large cinder block.

So this brings me to this week’s query. What is the weirdest, most out of this world thing you have seen someone do when their PC was not working right? Speaking for myself, back when I was doing PC repair, I actually drove up to do a house call to witness the client outside with a 20-some-odd pound sledge screaming at his was once nearly new Dell tower. Hit the comments, let’s hear your tale of fright.