Gnomie John Trull writes:

These are some short tips shared with me and a class of students about four years ago by a substitute teacher. He has now gone on to become one of the most known professors in the state of NC.

  1. Whenever someone assigns you a textbook, read the glossary. Always. You will find that this will help you read faster, understand what you’re reading, and understand the subject.
  2. Go to the first page of the chapter and define keywords. Use the glossary for this also. Always make sure you know those words so you will understand the chapter and don’t have to look up words while reading.
  3. Find the summary of the chapter (if there is one) and read it first. It will help you know what you will learn about in the chapter.
  4. Read (don’t answer) all questions before reading the chapter.
  5. Read the chapter thoroughly. If you don’t get something, read it again. Take notes if you think that will help you.

Love the show!

John Trull