We won’t trouble you with the intricacies of art history, but Leonardo Da Vinci wasn’t just known for painting cheery women – he also designed things. Things like plucky canvas and wood flying contraptions that could fire flaming fireballs.

In today’s featured game, Timefighter, you battle alien invaders behind the controls of a rickety flying machine. You guide the frail crate against wave after wave of the creature’s destructive machines. Land, air, and sea units will be arrayed against you in this campaign. You’ll have to be brave, Da Vinci himself charged you with the mission of defending the Earth from the vile alien intrusion. You’re Earth’s last hope. Successfully navigating through levels will eventually lead to traveling to different times with newer, more advanced aircraft.

Use your mouse to guide your aeroplanes and the left mouse button to fire your guns. When needed the space bar can be used to drop bombs. From time to time power-ups will whiz by. If you can capture them you’ll be rewarded with deadlier weapons.

The creators of Timefighter did a fine job of creating an impelling side-scrolling adventure. The passing land features are pleasant to gaze upon, but don’t get too enthralled. Yes. The artists was very talented. Just don’t let yourself get distracted from the battle.

If you enjoyed playing this demo there’s a full version you can buy.