From a company in the UK comes a laptop system named Elonex that appears to be a possible alternative to the OLPC laptop, The laptop prices at about $195 US offers similar performance as the OLPC does and offers a Linux operating system as well. On their site the Elonex laptop is described as:

The vision of the ONE

Introducing the Elonex ‘ONE, the UK’s first sub £100 laptop. Aimed primarily at the Education Sector, the ONE is an ultra-portable laptop that gives wireless access to internet, eMail, word processing, spreadsheets, and MP3s.


The vision of the ONE project by Elonex is for every child in the UK to have their own laptop. With computing playing such a huge part of modern day life, it is essential to familiarise children with ICT from an early age and to show them the vast range of tools and resources available to them.


As well as being a subject in its own right, ICT is a common thread that can be used in every subject across the whole curriculum. In the 21st century it is an essential that ICT is taught as a fundamental skill which then can be used to improve a child’s learning, to offer a more engaging and interactive education, and to equip the next generation with the skills they need to excel in the business world.

Though the site states the Elonex is primarily for UK children, you can reserve one on their site. Expected delivery is starting sometime this month.

Does anyone know more the Elonex laptop systems?

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