You don’t mind if we bug you to play another game, do you? You don’t have to if you would rather not. You can choose for yourself based on your own individual wants and desires whether you play or don’t. It’s totally up to you. Consider yourself lucky. In the collective world of insect societies individual choice is considered selfish and leads to being stung to death.

In Ant Tracks, you take your place in the insect world as an ant colony’s traffic cop. Your job is to direct ants along the correct branches to get them back to the colony. At the beginning of each level you’ll be given a quota that you have to meet in order to move on to the next level. Early levels are easy to beat, but as the game progresses, so does the difficulty. If you can’t keep up with the swarms of six-legged workers and fulfill a level’s requirements, you’ll be exterminated.

You direct the marching minions by clicking arrows positioned on intersecting branches. The ants will follow the arrow’s direction.

This is a beautiful game. Lushly wrought graphics immerse players in the hymenopteric colony. One button simplicity makes for a game anyone can play. And the solid game engine means that they can play it without the urge to stomp on anything.