Some users are reporting that their browser locks when they try to access any website, after installing AVG 8 free edition. One of the suggestions in the AVG forums was to turn off the Link Scanner feature built into AVG 8.

What is Link Scanner? Basically it scans websites in an attempt to discover rogue web sites. This feature is handy, but if you are experiencing problems with Link Scanner, you can turn this feature off. Here’s how:

1. Open AVG 8 Anti-Virus Free edition.

2. Look at the top menu and click on TOOLS. A drop down menu appears.

3. Click on Advanced Settings.  Take a look at the list to your left hand side.

4. Look on the list for – LinkScanner.

5. Click on LinkScanner and take a look to the right hand side. You will see two boxes that are checked. Uncheck the boxes.

If your browser now works properly, than LinkScanner was the problem.

If you would like to have a link scanner on your system, do a Google for either McAfee Site Advisor or WOT. Both do a fairly good job alerting you the user to rogue sites.

Comments welcome.

PS Some have commented that AVG will not function with Windows versions prior to W2K. Unfortunately this is correct.