Google has an interesting business referral program in which they are looking for applicants to assist them in signing up business for inclusion on their Google Maps.  Google is seeking Internet lovers who have a computer and a digital camera and who have an interest in picking up some extra cash in their spare time. On the Google site they explain the program as:

  • Refer local businesses, get paid.
    • Visit businesses in your area to discuss Google products, and submit key information about them to us.
    • Get paid when we approve the information you’ve submitted, and again when the businesses verify that information.
  • Benefit your community.
    • Help local businesses attract new customers by adding their information to Maps.
    • Make it easier for people in your community to find the goods and services they’re looking for.
  • Be your own boss.
    • Set your own hours and work as much as you want.
    • The more businesses you refer, the more you’ll earn.

But before you get all excited and start to contemplate how you plan of spending your new found wealth, be aware that there is a wait list to enter the program. Also I would recommend that you read the FAQ’s and understand fully what the program entails.

If this venture seems right for you, go ahead and get your name on the waiting list. Google indicates that the program is going to be expanded, but no time frame is indicated.

Comments welcome.

PS If anyone is already involved in the program, please sure your experience[s] with us.