After spending a week reviewing a Ford Focus, I get it.

The Microsoft Sync audio system, trendy design touches, and some of the best gas mileage results found in a domestically manufacturer conventional vehicle make this little critter a winner. It’s easy to see why Focus sales increased a whopping 88% year-over-year for the month of April.

It’s not a hybrid, but it’s the right car at the right time.

A Ford Focus? Isn’t that the nondescript car that Bill Gates drove off into the proverbial sunset in his 2008 CES video?

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Well, yep it is … and just months later, it’s one of the hottest selling American-made cars.

We can’t pin all the success on Bill, of course.

While the Microsoft Sync audio system that is the shiny object that attracts the attention, it’s the solid gas mileage results that ensure the long-term love.