In a twist that I find hard to believe, it seems that AVG tech. support is totally unsure when support for version 7.5 really will expire. On their forum they originally stated that the free version would continue until 12-31-08. Now it seems a new warning pop-up is saying the new date is June 25, 2008.

Reader DougCuk stated:

I had hoped that once we were
past the May 31st deadline things would become clearer, and we could
coast along to the “real” deadline of December 31st.

But as of today we now have a new “official” deadline – of June 25th
2008 – displayed as of today by the installed v7.5 Free program. – Link to new June 25th Popup – received on a system running XP Pro.

To confuse matters further I received the following email response from AVG Customer Service a few days ago:

“The AVG FREE Edition 7.5 will discontinue as of May 31st 2008
however the AVG 7.5 Paid Editions will continue until December. This is
not a marketing ploy.
Jason Robins
Customer Service
AVG Technologies”

I think AVG are having a serious communication problem – and in the
process are damaging their reputation as a leading security company.

This is starting to be extremely annoying since the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand at AVG is doing. It now seems that AVG may be changing the expiration date once again. 

Comments welcome.