Life is good. Great, in fact. But sometimes the urge to bang your head against a hard surface is still there. Why this is, we don’t know. It’s just one of those irritating stumpers of human existence.

In today’s featured game, Blockheads Clash, banging your head is part of the game. You play this game as a brick-headed character who has to negotiate deterring road blocks in his journey to find the exit. Enemies, treasure filled crates, and locked doors appear throughout the game as stumbling blocks to the character’s goal of escape. His only advantage is the ability to bash his cube-shaped noggin to positive effect.

You can either play this game alone, or alongside three of your best mates. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll all be playing on the same keyboard. Hopefully your friends have slim shoulders and small hands.

Blockheads Clash is a solid 3-D adventure game. The well-executed engine runs a smooth and easily navigable world. The sound design and friendly melody are a nice accent to the cartoon world of the blockheads. Though not extremely challenging, Blockheads Clash is, without a doubt, a fine addition to the online gaming world.