I have a son who is starting to use a computer and like his dad, getting very comfortable with it 🙂 Makes me happy but given that he’s 4, yet I am weary of a mis-click or a something popping up on his screen if he is on the internet. Even when you are watching your kids on the internet these days, even sitting right beside them, there is still a chance that you end up somewhere that was unintentional by the child and not foreseen by you.

KidZui is in the business of making an alternative browser for kids. What is amazing about this kid product is that it is geared towards the child. The browser interface is something that I am sure my 4 year old will like (and we’ll be getting that installed soon) but something that would make you or I want to use a crayola crayon on the LCD. Their other huge selling point in my eyes is that instead of limiting the websites that they feel are negative or could be deemed inappropriate, the took the opposite approach. They have white listed sites that they feel are of good value for kids and parents. Their reviewers are “trained parents and teachers” so that makes me feel good about the filtering.

I am new to the service, but I think it has been around for some time. I found it because it is now free and they seem heavy into a marketing campaign to let us all know.

Check it out, it’s free! 🙂