For those who are using Microsoft’s Windows Vista RTM, you are more than familiar with UAC [User Account Control]. This little gem prompts you the user anytime you wish to complete a task in the Vista operating system. The original purpose I believe was to provide added security to Vista in the hopes of protecting the user from unwanted actions, that could indicate the presence of a rogue program.

With the RTM version of Vista, to complete a simple task such as creating a new folder, it required 4 separate actions to complete. The user needed to click on 4 separate UAC screens. Needless to say this was annoying for some. But over at Microsoft Technet, this process has now been cut down to just once UAC screen and prompt for those who upgraded to SP1.

There is a short video in various formats for you to take a look at and to observe the improvements. Hopefully this will be carried over to Windows 7.

Do you think that this is a step in the right direction? Or do you still feel that UAC is still a pain?

Comments welcome.