Starting today, WeatherBug is launching a contest for those who are interested in taking truly accurate, live weather data in an API format and building an application around it. This is an opportunity to build your own WeatherBug app exactly the way you would want it to be. This means creating a new web based app, mobile app, desktop app or even blending your API using application in with something to further enhance it with weather data.

About the contest.

  • International developers encouraged to apply.
  • The contest itself begins today and will run until July 11th.
  • Contest rules are located at this link.
  • Contest winner(s) will receive a brand new 8GB Apple iPod Touch.
  • One contest winner will be selected from each of the different programming categories: for example: PHP, C#, Python, Java, Ruby/Ruby on Rails, Cold Fusion and Visual Basic. Basically, any programming language is welcome! So potentially, five winners could be selected, if WeatherBug sees winning entries from 5 different categories. **We are not limiting the contest to just these 5 categories. Other languages are welcome.
  • You must register for the using the API to enter the contest. By registering today onward, you will be entered – see last day contest will run above.
  • Created applications using the WeatherBug API can be web based, mobile or desktop applications. Windows, OS X or Linux applications using the WeatherBug API are welcome.

About your application entry.

Really what WeatherBug is looking for it to take the existing API (mobile, desktop, web based) and to really make the data relevant to the day to day lives of the end user. So think quality, not quantity of entries. For instance, maybe one of you creates a weather application that bundles itself with Outlook. This way when a person creates an appointment, they can see what the weather looks like ahead of time. You get the general idea.

Need to see what has already been done? Take a look at this page for some great examples of what developers such as yourself have already created. Perhaps one of the best known examples, is from Singer’s Creations.

So what if you develop an application for an existing app that then drives tremendous traffic to Well if the traffic is substantial, then WeatherBug has expressed to me that they may be interested in working out a revenue-share arrangement based on impressions/click-throughs generated from your product. Again, this is based on driving significant traffic to the website using the WeatherBug API.

How do you submit an application?

You can begin developing now, then when you have an entry ready for submission, just send it to [email protected].

What’s the catch?

Like anything worth doing, there is a terms of service that ought to be reviewed. Basically this gets all of the data usage stuff out of the way early on. Also, you want to make sure you understand the difference between personal use and commercial use, both of which are encouraged by the way.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, just email me at mhartley (at) – I will get back to you within a few hours in most cases.