I noticed that AVG is using other sites [mirrors] in which users can download their new AVG 8 version. But I also noted that as of today [June 4, 2008 at 1900 hrs. CDT] the versions on the mirrors are different than what is being offered at AVG servers. As an example, over at Download and filehippo both .com, they are offer version version 8_100a1295.exe.

Over on the AVG servers [link below] the version is now 8_100a1315.exe.

Try the AVG server version and see if it helps for those who have had problems with the original AVG install.

Also I noted that the latest release has a repair and removing/adding components to AVG 8, like removing/adding link scanner, the dreaded AVG safe surf and also the Office plug ins. There is a possibility that by removing these unwanted features, AVG 8 may be more like AVG 7.5.

Just a guess on my part.


Just copy and paste the above link in your browser and the download should start. Be patient. The servers are busy.

Comments welcome.